About Sugo Mi

Renowned for the best authentic pizza Brisbane, Sugo Mi’s story started with a backyard pizza oven.

Sugo Mi’s story started with a backyard pizza oven. Owner, Tanya Colonna, has family in Italy & visits on occasion. On one particular trip, she discovered a pizzeria in her father’s village, Termoli, that made fantastic pizzas, the likes of which were not available anywhere back home in Brisbane. Tanya had a pizza oven on her back deck which saw regular use when friends came over & she began to make pizzas in a similar style to those she’d tried in Italy, with great success!

It was suggested on a couple of occasions that she should open a business selling the pizzas & so Sugo Mi was born. The pizzeria side of the business has been operating for 9 years, with the gelateria added 2 years ago. Located in Bulimba, a particularly lovely area of Brisbane, Sugo Mi is one of the many restaurants on vibrant Oxford Street.

Sugo Mi is not ‘just’ a pizzeria, though. Our mains menu is gaining a following that almost eclipses the pizza fans these days!

Standouts include our hand rolled gnocchi with gorgonzola cream, walnuts and watercress and our oyster & porcini mushroom risotto with truffled pecorino.

All of our gelato and sorbet is made in house; there’s the standard range as well as special experimental flavours that pop up now & again! The most popular flavours by far are peanut butter chocolate & salted caramel – which is an award winner, by the way.

Sugo Mi is a licensed venue, although on Tuesday nights we run a BYO night for charity – the corkage charge per bottle of wine is donated to our charity of choice. A total of $3,675 has been raised since its inception in April 2015.